10 Politicians That Lost Their Hearing When It’s In Public Office

Hearing is one of the most important functions with the five senses. Hearing loss or just being deaf could be

determined at birth or acquired from the latter a part of one’s life. Losing the

a feeling of hearing should not be any hindrance for anybody who wants to achieve

life. It must not also deter the hopes for anyone who would like to join politics or

someone who would like to serve government entities.

Here is a list of 10 politicians who’ve hard of hearing

but governed with efficiency, honesty and excellence in public office.



He’s the very first deaf politician and

representative for the Canadian Congress that

ran under the Ontario New Democratic Party (1990- 1995). He’s the very first

politician to initiate and push programs and legislative acts for sign language

proficiency with the main objective on American Sign Language Education together with the

full support from the White House. He

first won and served in 1980 for a provincial election. He no longer serves the

government but continues to get results for the welfare of folks with hearing

disabilities. Today he works because the acknowledged leader and adviser with the Canadian

Hearing Society.



Jane is a famous politician in Nz

plus a prominent person in the New Zealand House

of Representatives. She also is the trusted political advisor with the

Green Party and it has consistently won and served the general public for 3

consecutive general elections. Jane is the very first deaf person in the New Zealand

Parliament and it has pushed reforms about environmentalism projects.



She supports the distinction to be the Baroness

of Nicholson Winterbourne. The famous British politician acquired her being

deaf at the young age of 16. Born in 1941, she will continue to serve the Liberal

Democrat Part of the Parliament for that Torridge and West Devon section. Lady

Nicholson also headed the Committee on Foreign Affairs and heads the Delegation

for Relations with Iraq.


Ashley, Baron Ashley of Stoke

The deaf British politician served the

House of Commons along with the Labour Part of Parliament from 1966 approximately his death

in 1992. He campaigned hard for the rights with the disabled people especially

the deaf or hearing impaired individuals. His exemplary works best for the disabled

was awarded by recognition (Doctor of Humane Letters) from the Gallaudet

University for those his efforts to upgrade the lives with the deaf people.



Born in August 1968 in Belgium and served

the Belgian Parliament since running for public office in 2004. She gets been

re-elected and continued her noble legislative help the Belgian Senate. She

continued her senate work and responsibilities until 2010 under the political

party with the Nieuw – Vlaamse Alliantie.



This French politician was given birth to deaf and

was the very first president with the Disability Committee in France. He promoted the

welfare and campaign for that hard hearing deaf socialists as well as served as

second in command for that French Association for that deaf in Alsace. He supported

projects created for france Sign Language Education and still holds a seat in

the Parliament House after winning the election this year.



Born in 1971, she serves as among the

founding people in the National Council of Austria. She became an elected

person in the eu Parliament and won the lections in 2009. During a period when

teaching sign language for that deaf wasn’t allowed from the government, she

initiated each of the efforts to possess a sign language teaching program for that hearing

impaired high school students.



The deaf politician from Budapest, Hungary

got elected as person in the eu Parliament since winning a seat in 2009.

He ran under the European Political Party of Fidesz. He’s the first known

user with the Deaf Sign Language department with the European Parliament.



The deaf mathematician and politician is

the acclaimed Lord Mayor of Manchester and when served for British ruler

Margaret Thatcher from 1975 up to the 1980’s. She gets published 26 mathematical

instructional pamphlets as well as shared her skills and talent in

astronomy and served as second in command for that Manchester Astronomical Society.



The doctor and politician served as a

person in the Hungarian National Assembly and served the committees on Sports,

Tourism, Housing, Youth and Family Affairs. He headed the Committee on people

with disabilities and continues his exemplary help the subcommittee since

getting elected in 2010.


Bio: Hazel Ramos writes topics concerning the hearing

impaired from hearing aids and lives of famous deaf personalities. She likes to

travel, cook, and blog about any topics under the sun. She lives alone along with her

beagle named Karab.